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Highplume Dilution Stack

Scaled model Wind tunnel tested to show no detectable downwash up to 30 MPH (48 kmh) crosswind

Plasticair conducted a series of testing to research how crosswinds effect stacks, and in particular, induction stacks. All testing was completed at RWDI facilities located in Guelph, Ontario and the SKYPLUME G2 stack geometry was developed in conjunction with this testing.

All RWDI testing reports (quantity 3) are found on our web page in unedited and complete form. This symmetrically designed induction stack was shown to perform in crosswinds at an average induction rate of 205% irrespective of the crosswind speed up to 25-30 MPH. What was also measured was that primary air downwash caused on all stacks by pressure and vortex phenomenon was not detected by instruments on our final design up to these opposing wind speeds.

The SKYPLUME G2 is applied for stack systems behind an architectural screen or equipment pits. Walls cause downwash and vortex phenomenon, which could result in pooling of primary toxic air. This tested stack design is the best defense to ensure that all primary air is diluted and penetrates the upper boundary wind layer.